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Procrastination is not Waiting (Part I)

Written By: Karline Fischer - Apr• 12•19

Sometimes procrastination can look like waiting, but they are very different from each other. A person may claim that it is not the right time, but they just do not want to do it. Since it is not important to them, they just procrastinate. Procrastination may not be noticed by others right away, but the Lord knows that the person is neglecting to take action.

On the first day of the sixth month of the second year in the reign of King Darius of Persia, God’s Message was delivered by the prophet Haggai to the governor of Judah, Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, and to the high priest, Joshua son of Jehozadak:

A Message from God-of-the-Angel-Armies: “The people procrastinate. They say this isn’t the right time to rebuild my Temple, the Temple of God.”

Shortly after that, God said more and Haggai spoke it: “How is it that it’s the ‘right time’ for you to live in your fine new homes while the Home, God’s Temple, is in ruins?”Haggai 1:1-4 (MSG)

Zerubbabel was the governor of Jerusalem during the time when the first group of Israelites returned from the exile in Babylon. The people made time to make nice homes for themselves, but they claimed that it wasn’t the right time to rebuild the temple. It may sound spiritual to wait for the right time, but the Lord knew the true reason. They procrastinated in rebuilding the temple because God’s house was not a priority to them.  

In reading the subsequent scriptures in Haggai 2, you find that the people did not make much progress because God was not blessing their efforts. He expected them to take care of the temple, but they were too busy trying to make their nice houses. 

This is very similar to our current culture. House prices continue to rise, and people are working harder and longer to afford them. They also commute longer distance to get to the better paying jobs. People run out of time for their family, friends, and ministry. There is a lot of effort, but the return on the investment of time is not as it used to be. It is estimated that to live in the Bay Area you need to be making $300,000 to afford an average house. That kind of income requires high paying, high responsibility, and extremely demanding jobs. Lack of time and stress develops a cycle of procrastination and things that really do matter get neglected. Those who procrastinate may claim that they are waiting for the right time, but it is about having the right priorities. 

Are you procrastinating in certain areas of life? When will be the right time to do something about them? Are you paying your bills on time? How is your procrastination impacting others? Is your relationship with the Lord suffering because other things have occupied your time right now? God is pleased when we put Him first. He blesses our time and efforts, so we can do more with less. I encourage you to try it.

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