The Need to Rest (Part II)

We are inundated with information, choices, and decisions on daily basis. We also pressure ourselves in trying to be one step ahead of the game. We are driven to gather all our facts to ensure we are ready and prepared for what is coming down the pipe. All this pressure can be overwhelming, and it causes us to be in a continual state of hyper alertness and stress!

The Bible tells us that the Lord knows our frame and that we are made of dust (See Psalm 103:4).  He does not expect us to figure everything out, and neither does he want us to control every situation. We may consider those actions as being responsible or protective of our loved ones, but God sees our anxiety and its impact on us and our relationships!

Unless the Lord builds the house,
They labor in vain who build it;
Unless the Lord guards the city,
The watchman stays awake in vain.
It is vain for you to rise up early,
To sit up late,
To eat the bread of sorrows;
For so He gives His beloved sleep. Psalm 127:1-2


The Lord is in charge of building our lives and protecting us and our families. We have a part to play in it, but our part comes from following His word, listening to the Lord, and surrendering our will to Him. If we are compelled to do something out of fear of losing or running out of time,  we are thinking too highly of ourselves! We can waste time and energy toiling in our own strength. Unless the Lord builds our lives, we are running on a treadmill that does not get us any faster to our hopes and dreams. We can waste valuable time and precious moments while trying to think of all the scenarios and possibilities. The truth is we are just spinning our wheels, and we are not making any real progress in the situation.

This week, one of my children has been given some choices that require a decision. I’m thankful to the Lord for the choices, but I have been stressed trying to figure out the ramifications of choosing one option over another. We had been praying about this for sometime, so this was not a surprise. The Lord is completely aware of the entire situation. Fretting is not going to provide anymore information or peace about one choice over another. It is surrendering it to the Lord and allowing Him to lead and guide the situation is what is going to give me peace and rest in Him!

Are you fretting over something today?  Are the pressures of life keeping you awake at night? Do you give room for the Lord to have a say in the matters and calm you with His love? The above scripture is a good passage to memorize or post it somewhere in your home, so you are continually reminded of how God see it. I will continue with this subject in the next devotional.

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