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The Importance of Fasting

Written By: Karline Fischer - Jan• 15•18

Fasting is an important part of the Christian life. It gives us heightened sensitivity to the things of the spirit, and it helps us to suspend distractions for a period of time. We live in volatile and shaky times. As God’s people, it is important to be in tune with the Lord and understand His will rather than being swept up with the drama of the culture.

While we may fast from various things such as TV, coffee, and social media, true fasting is associated with food. Fasting can be done for a day or for an extended time. Some people fast from certain foods others fast completely without eating anything. Fasting can have variations based on a person’s health, physical abilities, and God’s direction, and it can be done individually, as a family, or corporately with other believers as the Lord leads us. 

Fasting is about consecration to the Lord. Nehemiah fasted for several months before he spoke to the King about the walls of Jerusalem. Esther asked the Israelites to pray and fast with her for three day before risking her life and going to the king uninvited. Both Nehemiah and Esther were seeking God’s wisdom and strategy for the challenging task before them. 

Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterward He was hungry. Matthew 4:2

Jesus fasted for forty days, and it was after this time of fasting when the enemy came to tempt Jesus. Jesus was able to discern the temptations of the enemy and responded to the temptations with the Word of God. This is the opportune time when the enemy tries to bring doubt, distractions, or ailments to lead God’s people in a different direction. The enemy does not want us to get closer to God or have greater sensitivity to spiritual things. Like Jesus, we need to understand the schemes of the enemy and discern his temptations. 

We want to fast with the expectation that we will get closer to the Lord and that He will reveal His heart and His mind to us. This is the time that God may even use dreams to speak to us. 

If you have never fasted or if you have a medical condition, please check with your physician to determine what is appropriate for your body and health condition.

It is a blessing to go to deeper places with the Lord. I encourage you to take the step of faith and allow God to meet you. Those of you who have fasted before, you may consider doing it on a regular basis and making it a part of your lifestyle. It is a blessing to fast and the reward of getting closer to the Lord far outweighs the discomfort and the inconvenience that can be experienced. 

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