Invite for a Workshop

As a minister of the Gospel and a former government teacher, Karline Fischer is a seasoned speaker in matters of God and government. She is a Christian immigrant from the Middle East who has firsthand experience with oppressive regimes and its impact on people and society. Karline has a Master’s from Regent University in Government where she studied this topic from a Biblical perspective. Karline’s prophetic voice, her personal experience along with her professional and academic background have given her the insight that the body of Christ needs in this hour in American history.

Karline is available to present these workshops in various venues. To schedule a workshop, scroll to the bottom, click on “Book a Workshop,” and fill out the information form. For questions, email us at You will be contacted shortly.

1 Hour Workshop

  • The Origin of Government
  • God’s institutions in society 
  • The Authority and Responsibility of various institutions
  • Civil Government from a Christian worldview
  • Human rights and responsibilities

2 Hour Workshop

  • Includes the topics covered in 1 Hour Workshop
  • The Impact of Reformation and Enlightenment in American form of Government
  • Education
  • Biblical Economics

4 Hour Workshop

  • Includes the topics covered in 2 Hour Workshop
  • The American Political Thought
  • The American ideals of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness 
  • 1st Amendment and Separation of Church & State
  • The Role of Christians in a Democracy
  • Poverty
  • Reasoning through political issues from a Biblical perspective