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Karline Fischer was born and raised in Iran. She immigrated to the U.S. at age 15 following the Iran Revolution, leaving her parents behind. The new life brought about many challenges, which included learning her third language, assimilating to a new culture, and becoming an engineer in a male-dominated profession.

She committed her life to the Lord in her early twenties, which changed her life forever. Her God became her friend, teacher, and mentor. Being single and away from her family drew her to depend on the Lord and her Bible very desperately.

Her unique perspective has given her the ability to analyze influences that negatively impact the believers using the Bible as her plumb line. She doesn’t shy away from asking tough questions and helping people to see the truth of God in the midst of the confusion around them. Her approach is straight forward, clear, & practical.

Karline has been married to her husband for twenty-five years, and they have two adult children. She is a licensed minister and has a passion to teach the Word of God to His people, and this devotional website has been birth from that passion. She has been regularly writing teaching devotionals on her website to help the people of God to grow and be established in their faith.

Her writing has been featured in the global ministry publication, Upper Room Devotional. She is also the author of a newly published devotional book called, An Overcoming Life available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. If you choose “Published Book” from above menu, you will find a link to the book on Amazon website.

You are invited to join us on the journey of discovering His ways and pray that your are encouraged and strengthened in your spirit.


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