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Unto Us a Child is Born…(Part II)

Written By: Karline Fischer - Dec• 31•18

For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

I shared in the last devotional that Christmas is not the end of the story but the beginning of Jesus’ life and ministry on the earth. The Messiah came in the form of a baby, but He grew up to become all that God intended Him to be to save humanity from sin and lead us back to God. Christmas is not puzzling but powerful! Jesus’ attributes in the above verse are important truths in what we have in our Messiah. Below is a continuation of those attributes from the last devotional.

Mighty God

Jesus was with the father from the beginning. We look to Jesus as Mighty God who rules the universe, and that everything in heaven and earth belongs to Him. We understand that we are only stewards of our time, temple, treasure, and talents that He has given to us by His mighty hand. His awesome might causes us to have the fear of the Lord, and it gives us the conviction to do all our ministry and our work heartily as unto the Lord. He is the one we serve regardless of who we work for.

God separated the Red Sea with His mighty hand and made a way for the Israelites in a hopeless and unnerving situation. We also trust His mighty hand for our protection and for making a way where there doesn’t seem to be a way. He is powerful and capable to be our provider and protector. Do you believe that He is mighty in your situations of life? Do you recognize that His supernatural power provides you with everything you need for life and godliness?

Everlasting Father

Jesus came as the representation of the father to show us the way back to God. He came to redeem us from being orphans in this world and adopt us into His family. There are many people who have come from dysfunctional homes and have never felt wanted, valuable, or included. The good news is that with Jesus entering our world, He reversed every form of rejection and reconciled us to our heavenly father who never leaves us nor forsake us. We have an everlasting Father who is with us always! Have you been delivered from an orphan spirit? Do you still go into self-preservation mode whenever you feel an opposition? Are you on the road to thriving in God?

Prince of Peace

Jesus came full of peace! His identity and security was unshakable because he did not look to those around Him to validate what God had already spoken to Him. His security allowed Him to not take the bait of the enemy. Hence, He did not open the door to torment, guilt, or shame. Jesus came full of truth and grace. When lies are absent and the truth and the grace of God prevails in our lives, peace is ushered in.

In ministering to people, I found that when they recognize God’s truth and love and understand the lies of the enemy, it leads them to repentance. This breaks the chains of oppression, delivers them from torment, and their world becomes so peaceful! Jesus’ offer of peace is available to every weary soul. He invites us to cast our cares upon Him for He cares for us! Are you able to guard the peace of God and enjoy His rest in your life?

As we begin the new year, let’s consider all of Jesus’ attributes that make our lives rich, powerful, and meaningful. Pray and press into God in the areas that you desire a greater level of victory. Ask Him for what you need and patiently wait for Him. Allow the Lord to show you and change you from the inside out. Remain teachable and accept the dealings of God to change your life and your perspective.

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