The Characteristics of a Fool (Part III)

Foolishness manifests in various form such as stubbornness in not seeking advice, arrogance in believing we have all the answers, and a lack of discernment in distinguishing right from wrong.

As a dog returns to his own vomit, So a fool repeats his folly. Proverbs 26:11

Someone can be foolish because they are not learning from their mistakes. They continue to do the things that jeopardize their relationships, finances, or jobs. They may complain momentarily, but they soon go back to what they used to do as if they have forgotten about the pain and the agony of what they just went through.

Just as a dog might return to its own vomit, a fool continues to engage in foolish behavior without learning from past experiences. The above scripture is a warning against the cycle of repeating harmful actions and emphasizes the importance of learning from one’s mistakes to grow and improve.

The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, But he who heeds counsel is wise. Proverbs 12:15

A fool believes he is right and often refuses to seek advice or listen to counsel, whereas the wise individual recognizes the value of seeking guidance and heeding counsel from others. This scripture speaks to the importance of humility and openness to learning from others.  We don’t always have all the answers and can benefit from the perspectives and wisdom of those around us.

I hope we intentionally surround ourselves with those who speak truth into our lives, who challenge us to be better than we are. And may we, in turn, be willing to receive correction and rebuke of the wise with humility and grace, knowing that it is for our benefit.

Let’s guard our hearts against the easy path of foolishness. We also need to recognize in time the relationships will show someone’s true colors, and we will know the character of those we are interacting with.

Lord, we don’t want to be fools in any area of our lives. Show us those areas that need change!


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