The Threshold From Wilderness to Promised Land (Part VI)

In our Google-oriented culture, it is almost impossible not to find information about something you are curious about, regardless of the topic. However, the truth is that no matter the subject matter, information can only take us so far. The outcome is in the Lord’s hands, and we still need His guidance.

The Threshold From Wilderness to Promised Land (Part V)

While there is great anticipation in moving from the wilderness to a promised land, the transition is not without its difficulties and ups and downs. This can open the door to discouragement. However, scripture continually reminds us not to be discouraged, even in times of transition. We need to keep moving forward and be encouraged in the Lord!

The Threshold from Wilderness to Promised Land (Part IV)

New situations can make us feel very insecure. That’s why it’s important to hear from the Lord before moving in a certain direction. Joshua was a bold and courageous person, but this was a brand new experience to leave the wilderness and head to the Promised Land! As they were about to cross the Jordan River on their way to Jericho, Joshua needed a reminder to be courageous.