Repentance and Reset Lead to Refreshing (Part I)

As we are going through this season of shelter-in-place, our lives have taken on a slower pace. I am of Psalm 23 and David’s declaration that God is a good shepherd and that He leads us beside still waters! The sheep are so timid, that the waters must be still and quiet for them to drink from. Interestingly, as human beings we also have a different response to different bodies of water. When we are by the ocean, the sound and the crashing of the waves against the rocks causes us to think of God’s power and the immensity of the ocean. On the other hand,  a body of water such as a lake has still waters, which causes  us to be more self-reflective.

The still waters become like a mirror and reflect everything around them including our image. The Lord is using this season to allow our lives to be more self-reflective. Reflection allows Him to show us things that maybe we did not pay attention to when we were busy.

Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, Acts 3:19

We all desire to be refreshed and to gain a new perspective in life. The scripture tells us that refreshing comes from repentance and conversion. Many of us have already accepted Jesus and have been walking with the Lord for years. However, repentance is not reserved just for the unbelievers. I was listening to a well-known older host who has been in ministry for decades. He confessed that God has been using this time to bring to his attention things that he needs to repent from. He was surprised that he was not aware of them for the last several decades.

The Lord has also been doing the same thing in my life. He has bringing things to my attention in the last several weeks that I have been repenting from. The truth is that we all have those areas that we can defend ourselves or feel justified about. However, in the light of the mercies of God, we need to lay down our rights and declare that God is right and we were wrong.

Repentance is a valuable and precious gift that unclogs our spirit man, and allows our hearts and ears to be open to what the Lord is speaking. Sometimes repentance is needed because we were too judgmental of others or thought of ourselves better than others. At other times, repentance is required because we made promises and we did not follow through. Or may be we were partial to those we liked and ignored the ones that we disliked. Sometimes our prayers for others may have been fleshly and the words spoken were not words of life! At other times, we may not have had the right attitude towards those who were in authority over us!

In the still waters of these days, allow the Lord to bring to your attention what may need repentance. Don’t argue with him or try to justify your actions. Agree with the Lord  and repent! We are all waiting for our loved ones to come to the Lord, confess their sins, and get their lives right with God. Let us be courageous enough to do what we are praying others to do, stay fresh, and be humble before a holy God whose mercies are from everlasting to everlasting! The times of refreshing are on their way, and we will all be better for it!


Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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