Walking in Good Works (Part II)

We are not mere accidents of evolution or products of chance, but intentional masterpieces crafted by the Creator Himself. Ephesians 2:10 unveils this profound truth about our existence.

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.  Ephesians 2:10  

The above verse give us insight into God’s heart for us:

We are His workmanship

Everyone is created by Him and for Him. We are created in His image. There is no partiality only unique purpose for each of us. We are not a mistake and we are enough. The world and our own actions may have marred God’s workmanship, but it is not too difficult for our Creator and Savior to clean us up and allow us to become whole again.

Created in Christ Jesus

As believers, our identity is deeply rooted in Christ Jesus. We are not defined by our past failures, societal labels, or fleeting accomplishments. Instead, we find our true essence in being “His workmanship.” Just as an artist invests time, thought, and care into their creation, so too has God lavished His love upon us, shaping us according to His divine plan in Christ Jesus!

Furthermore, we are hidden in Jesus. We no longer need to try to hide our shame, guilt, or defectiveness in fear of being exposed or not loved. Jesus covers us. He is our advocate. He tells us, “You are complete in me”.  We belong to Him. We are under His authority, governance, protection, and provision. We don’t have to be in survival mode and try to protect ourselves.

For good works

This divine craftsmanship extends beyond mere existence; it encompasses purpose. We are not aimless wanderers in the journey of life but purpose-driven beings designed for “good works.” Our lives are not meant to be self-centered pursuits of pleasure or success, but rather channels of blessing, compassion, and transformation in the world around us. The works that Jesus desires are good and are His idea. The truth is that the only reason they are good is because they are divinely ordained and led. They are not the product of man’s shrewdness and ingenuity. 

Which He in advance prepared for us

 The Lord is actively engaged in preparation. He prepares the work, the worker, and the soil upon which we will work. This preparation unfolds as we journey with God. There is an abundance of good works because God has allocated them to us. We don’t need to feel possessive or envious about doing God’s good works. Rather, we simply need to carry out the good works that He has entrusted to us.

That we should walk in them

We have the privilege of engaging in the work that God has prepared for us. We don’t need to fight for it or strive for it. As we journey through life, we encounter God’s work along the way. This good works might look like a pause to offer a comforting embrace, share a smile, provide words of wisdom, or offer encouragement through a prayer for someone in need. In these moments, God is glorified as His handiwork is revealed through the good works we participate in. This not only brings blessing to the Father but also grants us a sense of purpose in our lives.

Is our purpose primarily to engage in good works, or is it to recognize that we are His workmanship? I believe it’s both, but it begins with understanding our identity. If we haven’t firmly established our identity, we may rely on our works to define us or cover our inadequacies and insecurities.  Consequently, we might find ourselves pursuing various ‘good works’ simply because they are pereceived as important or others are receive recognition for them. This can lead to a dangerous situation where we become slaves to works, not for the glory of God, but for our own glory, needs, or ambitions.

Image by Peter Hoare from Pixabay


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