Godly Wisdom (Part V)


Comparison Antithetical to Godly Wisdom

Sometimes Godly wisdom is what we do and at other times it is what we refrain from doing.

For we dare not to class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves. But they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. 2Corinthians 12:10

Paul warned the Corinthian church about those who commended themselves and made themselves sound important. In our culture, people commending themselves is the norm, and it is seen as a way for people to show their prowess, confidence, and even competence. However, Paul knew that underneath a person blowing their own horn, people thought highly of themselves. One cannot think highly of themselves unless they have measured themselves up in comparison to others. Comparison has many pitfalls and is antithetical to Godly wisdom.

First, comparison is a carnal method of measuring one’s value and performance. Whenever we use natural measurements to determine our spiritual anointing or maturity, we use a false measurement. While doing natural work is an important part of our walk with God, the Lord looks at the condition of one’s heart and He is not impressed with the worldly pedigrees or progress.

Second, the standard we use in measuring ourselves is man-made, and we determine the criteria used in comparison. We can selectively choose what we feel better about and create false security for ourselves in measuring our spirituality. For example, if public speaking is our gifting, we may compare our ability to someone else’s who may not be strong in public speaking, but they are very humble and knowledgeable about the Bible.

Third, comparison causes classification of better and worse. We are not called to classify ourselves as more superior or inferior to others. This type of evaluation opens the door to pride, envy, and competition, which is demonic. We’re called not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought (See Romans 12:3). We are all brothers and sisters in Christ, and we should not try to feel better about ourselves by comparing ourselves with others.

God’s measuring stick is not about comparing one person to another person. The Lord desires for us to be secure in who we are in Him and not find false security and identity in comparing ourselves to others. People may feel very spiritual around those who do not have a strong walk with the Lord, but that does not mean that they are mature or obedient to the Lord. On the other hand, individuals may be around very driven and performance oriented Christians, which may make someone question his/her level of commitment to the Lord. However, that does not mean that God is displeased with them.

Comparison is a distraction from intimacy with God, and it can derail us from God’s purpose. Comparison changes our focus, and it moves it from the Lord to others veering us off the path the Lord has for us. Godly wisdom is about abstaining from the temptation to compare ourselves to others and look to the Lord for His endorsement, approval, and pleasure. God created us with purpose and for a purpose. It is only by looking to Him and daring to believe Him that we discover His plan for our lives.

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