The Fear of the Lord is a Blessing! (Part III)

If education and reading a library full of books could have made us wiser, we should have seen it by now. However, we see the opposite. We may have gained much head knowledge and information, but it has not made us any wiser or given us a better understanding.  People have a hard time getting along with each other, and there are misunderstandings everywhere. So how do we gain the kind of wisdom that helps us to live a life of peace, stability, and understanding!? The Lord’s answer has not changed; it is simple yet powerful!

Seeking God’s Vision (Part IV)

The Lord holds the times and the seasons, and He has placed each of us on this earth at this time for His purpose and pleasure. If we are going to be effective in the Kingdom of God and have satisfaction in life, we all need to be in tune with the Lord and understand His will for the season we are in.  We are also called to steward our time well and use it wisely. We cannot earn more time, but we can squander it if we are not intentional with it.

Wise Men Still Seek Him!


The ministry of Christ may seem common knowledge to many, but its significance and transformative power is only revealed to those who seek Him and believe in Him!

The religious leaders who lived in nearby communities, missed the historic birth of Jesus, but the wise men came a long distance from the East seeking the King of the Jews and worshiped Him! Is it possible that we may miss His work on the earth too?