Humility…The Secret Ingredient (Part III)

Humility is the invisible and the powerful factor that gets God’s attention. The Lord is pleased to pour out His grace upon a humble person and to be their shepherd.

Good and upright is the Lord;
Therefore He teaches sinners in the way.
The humble He guides in justice,
And the humble He teaches His way. Psalm 25: 8-9

The Lord is a good Father who wants to lead and guide His children, but not everyone wants to be led by Him. Humble people are teachable people and are willing to allow the Lord to lead them in His way.

The above passage tells us that the Lord teaches sinners in the way. Romans 5:8 tells us that while we were still in sin, Jesus died for us. The Lord is not intimidated by man’s sin. but pride will cause Him to resist people. When we humble ourselves before God’s mighty hands, He will lift us from the miry pit. He will begin to teach us how to live and how to walk with Him.

When we are not humble to be teachable, pretty soon those around us remain quiet and don’t offer their wisdom anymore. It’s not because they don’t have anything to share but because the person is not willing to receive it.  Our success in the world does not equate to our spiritual maturity. We still need to humble ourselves, regardless of our age, and ask the Lord and those around us to teach us His ways. People are overjoyed to mentor a humble person and help see them grow up in God.

In Psalm 23, David declared himself to be as a sheep being guided by his shepherd. David recognized that in comparison to the Lord, he was not anymore capable, powerful, or intelligent than a sheep. He understood his total dependency on God as his shepherd. David knew that without the Lord, he would not be able to provide for himself, be protected, or be blessed.

One of the interesting things about Psalm 23 is that the shepherd makes the sheep lie down in green pastures. Sheep are very fearful animals, and they would not lie down if they sense any danger. But the shepherd has a calming effect on his sheep. Humility allows us to stay in peace with the Lord and to be content with the green pastures He has blessed us with.

On the contrary, our culture revers independence. People want to prove to themselves and others that they are capable and powerful. However, deep inside many are fearful of uncertainties of life.  The sooner we admit our true condition before a Holy God, the sooner we will be blessed with Shepherd’s care.

God takes full responsibility for His children if we allow Him to be our shepherd.  We don’t have to act like we have things under control when we know we have very little control. It is the Lord who has all power and all knowledge, and He is the one in charge. In this place of humility, we can truly rest from our work of trying to strive and figuring things out. Instead, we get to enjoy what God has for us in this season. This process allows the Lord to restore our souls and to help us remain at rest in Him.

Do you need restoration of your soul? Have you lost your peace and rest in God? You may have begun to rely on yourself to control and fix things that do not belong to you to control! The Lord is in the business of restoring our souls if we allow Him to humbly be our shepherd and let Him teach us, guide us, and protect us. Meditate on Psalm 23 and let the Lord show you the areas that you need to surrender to Him, so you can regain your rest and for the Lord to restore your soul.

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