The Importance of Waiting (Part II)

We’ve evolved into a society that prioritizes listening to various voices. A significant number of individuals now habitually use earphones while tuning into variety of sources. Our ears and minds absorb a multitude of voices, including those coming from the various gadgets we possess. However, this does not mean that we are good listeners; we still need to grow in our ability to actively listen to the guidance of the Lord!

Waiting Helps us Listen Better

My soul, wait silently for God alone, For my expectation is from Him. Psalm 62:5

Wait-Hebrew439: to be silent, be still, wait, be dumb, grow dumb

Hearing and listening to God’s voice requires practice, and part of that practice is waiting on the Lord!

There are times when waiting is just being quiet before Him. Sometimes, the Lord wants our full attention, and the only way He gets our attention is to tell us to wait.

Waiting can sometimes feel like a time-out, but the purpose is not punishment. It is for developing intimacy with the Lord and slowing us down from whatever has distracted us from Him. It’s good to take advantage of that time, slow down, and listen to the Lord.

Those waiting times are good times for recalibration! Thinking about where we’re spending our time and energy will help us cut off things that are not important to Him. Waiting on God and being silent is not a waste of time. It’s a blessing and will produce good fruit in our lives.

Many of us tend to run to people to see what the Lord is saying about a particular situation because it is hard to wait for the Lord. The problem with depending on people to hear God for us is that it keeps us immature. It also sets up for disappointment when they don’t hear God accurately concerning us. Furthermore, it is not just the answer that matters. What is more important is that we are developing intimacy with the Lord and learning to hear and recognize the voice of our Shepherd!

Ask the Lord, “How am I doing with waiting on you, Lord?” If you need to do better, ask Him to show you what obstacles/issues hinder you from waiting well! Pray for freedom and deliverance in those areas!

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