The Threshold from Wilderness to Promised Land (Part IV)

New situations can make us feel very insecure. That’s why it’s important to hear from the Lord before moving in a certain direction. Joshua was a bold and courageous person, but this was a brand new experience to leave the wilderness and head to the Promised Land! As they were about to cross the Jordan River on their way to Jericho, Joshua needed a reminder to be courageous.

Is Anything too Hard? (Part I)

Is it only in times of success that we are hearing the Lord correctly? Why does unbelief and double-mindedness set in when we are waiting? Do we believe God only when we have the strength to accomplish the task in our own might otherwise we doubt that it was God? Abraham and Sarah found themselves in this predicament after a long waiting season, and God spoke to them and said, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

The Importance of Waiting (Part II)

We’ve evolved into a society that prioritizes listening to various voices. A significant number of individuals now habitually use earphones while tuning into variety of sources. Our ears and minds absorb a multitude of voices, including those coming from the various gadgets we possess. However, this does not mean that we are good listeners; we still need to grow in our ability to actively listen to the guidance of the Lord!

Godly Imitation (Part I)

Imitation is a natural part of life and development. Children imitate their parents by watching and repeating their words or their actions. Athletes watch other successful athletes to get better in their skill set. The writer of Hebrews and Apostle Paul encouraged imitating the faith of others. However, imitation is effective when it is done for a period of time and within the right context.