The Pollution in the Air (Part III)

We spend a lot of money to reduce the amount of waste and pollution in the landfills and to ensure that we can save the environment from harmful and synthetic materials. However, the scripture tells us about another type of land defilement that comes from people’s spiritual condition!

I brought you into a bountiful country, To eat its fruit and its goodness. But when you entered, you defiled My land and made My heritage an abomination. Jeremiah 2:7

The earth is also defiled under its inhabitants, Because they have transgressed the laws, Changed the ordinance, Broken the everlasting covenant. Isaiah 24:5

While many worry about the environment, God cares about His people’s spiritual condition that defiles the land. The gave Israelites the bountiful Promised Land that was full of good food to enjoy and thrive. However, over time they began to defile the land because of their internal condition before God.

The Lord had called His children to be His special people to show and display the goodness of God to those who didn’t know Him. Instead, His people lost focus of God’s heart and His plan for their lives. They began to defile themselves and the land by intermarriage, idol worship, and disobedience. They became part of the culture of the day rather than being salt and light in their dark environment.

When Adam and Eve sinned, God cursed the ground. When He brought the Israelites to the Promised Land, He was giving His people another chance of bounty and goodness. The enemy was present in the garden and was present in the Promised Land, but they didn’t need to come into agreement with the enemy.

Similarly, we have a choice as we live in a culture of ungodliness. We can choose to live a sanctified life or blend in with the culture and live and act like everybody else. Furthermore, our nation has been defiled with all forms of sin, disobedience, and idolatry. This nation was historically a Christian nation. People from all over the world fled religious and political persecution and found refuge here.  50-60 years ago they read the Bible and prayed in public square and public schools. However, we continue to remove the name of God from every corner of society, so that people can ease their conscience and ungodly ideas, laws, philosophies, and lifestyles.

Most would admit that our country is in bad shape, but some look to government to fix the ills of society. The truth is that in a democratic nation, those in power reflect the people who voted them in. That is not how we can reduce the pollution in our environment. Unless we are willing to pray, fast, and do our part to reduce the spiritual pollution, things will continue to go in the wrong direction impacting all areas of life including government.

What do you have in your hands? Do you pray for the spiritual condition of your environment? How can you reduce pollution in your sphere of power and influence?


Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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