The Perils of Personal Truth (Part I)


Whether people admit to it or not, everyone is hungry and thirsty for Truth. In the absence of Truth,  life is shaky and uncertain. Without Truth, people are like a ship without an anchor for their soul. Sadly, Postmodernism has stripped people of Truth, concluded objective truth to be invalid, and disseminated the lie that subjective truth is the way to a noble life. Hence its fruit has been instability in life punctuated with disappointment, loneliness, division, and strife. …

Knowing God’s Will (Part III)

Knowing the will of God sometimes seems difficult or complicated for we have many obstacles to hearing God’s voice and knowing His will.  Our past experiences, the cultural pressures, and the voice of the enemy all try to take supremacy in our lives. However, God tells us that when we seek Him with all our heart, we will find Him (See Jeremiah 29:13). Romans 12:1-2 gives us insight into knowing God’s will.

God’s Plans for His People… (Part II)

God spoke to Israelites in captivity through His prophet Jeremiah by giving them exhortation, instruction, and correction. The Lord told the people that His plans for them were not to harm them but to give them a hope and a future. The fruition of God’s plans were going to come through a process, and it required their obedience and cooperation. …