Godly Imitation (Part I)

Imitation is a natural part of life and development. Children imitate their parents by watching and repeating their words or their actions. Athletes watch other successful athletes to get better in their skill set. The writer of Hebrews and Apostle Paul encouraged imitating the faith of others. However, imitation is effective when it is done for a period of time and within the right context.

The Land of Promise (Part II)

Many people like and enjoy the warmth of God’s presence, but they don’t know how to see God’s promises fulfilled in their lives. Some used to get excited about personal prophesies, but now they wonder when and how they are going to come to pass. The truth is that God’s promises will continue to require His children to engage with them in faith and not doubting what the Lord has spoken. The Israelites struggled with this in the wilderness when they doubted God helping them to get to the Promised Land. They focused on their inadequacies rather than God’s miraculous work on their behalf. …