It All Begins with Rest

Religion often conveys the message that there is always more to do, and that if a person doesn’t do enough, they are not considered a good Christian. However, the gospel presents an opposing message. The gospel begins with rest. The rest is in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. People come burdened and weary from sin, labor, and works, and they are embraced with Jesus.

The True Builder

As people become busier during this season, they can be stressed about getting the perfect gifts and throwing the perfect parties. However, we can do things differently. We can use this time to reflect on the builder and the sustainer of our lives. We can focus on our relationship with the Lord and to shore up those areas that need to be strengthened! …

Psalm 37

Psalm 37 is a powerful passage of scripture that is instructive and encouraging. It also warns us about not getting distracted by the actions of those who do evil. This passage of scripture is great to meditate on, memorize some of the verses, and hold on to what the Lord speaks to you right now.