God & Government

God and Government- The Role of a Christian in a Democracy

Some Christians claim that as believers we should stay out of politics because we should not impose our views on others. They claim that, after all, we have a “separation of church of state.” The truth is that this phrase is not in the Constitution and neither is it in the Declaration of Independence. …

God and Government- Wealth & Giving


If we are going to have a healthy society, we need to stop looking to civil government for various social needs. The church and Christian people should take the lead to be a voice for the issues impacting their communities. As believers, instead of looking to civil government for all the answers, we need to become the answer! God is not against wealth and prosperity, but He wants us to be generous and to use it to help those in need. The Lord has solutions, and we need to pay attention to God’s heart in reaching the hurting, bringing hope of transformation, and show the love and the kindness of God to the lost. …

God and Government – Capitalism Versus Socialism


Capitalism versus socialism has been a hot topic in the current era, and people on both sides advocate for their views. These two systems determine how industries function, the level of taxation, the freedom of choice, invention opportunities, risk taking, the quality of service, and a whole host of other factors that impact every person’s life. In this devotional, I will share the differences between these two systems and what the Bible principally instructs us about these important issues. …

God and Government – Financial Principles

God’s financial principles are invaluable to the health of any society, and they impact every sphere of government. The civil government along with all the other spheres of government need to diligently handle the money they are given to steward.

For example, God considers debt a form of slavery. Wasteful spending leads to debt and poverty, and we should not allow the civil government to be wasteful with the taxpayers’ money. We need to learn God’s instructions in handling money, put them into practice in our own lives, and hold other spheres of government to sound financial principles.

God and Government – Civil Government



The civil government has a specific and limited role according to the Bible, and it should not be confused with the mandates given in the Bible to individuals. The civil government was never meant to be the savior of the people!

God always wanted to be the King over His people and He desires for people’s hearts to turn to Him for their needs. The history of Israel shows that instead of His people turning to God, they turned to a humanly king (civil government) to rescue them from their bad choices. A cycle of sin and disobedience led people to seek a king like all the other people. Whenever the people of God choose to live their lives like all the other people, they lose God’s pleasure, and they open the door to all sorts of sin and wickedness in the land.

God and Government – The News Media & the Danger of Bias


The freedom of the press and the public trust go hand-in-hand. The press has the privilege of being free to report what it deems significant to Americans. And we should expect and demand that the news media provide truthful information and nothing but the truth! We should not tolerate bias in the new media with content, selection, or tone. …

God and Government – Part IV – Church Government


The church is another significant sphere of government in the society. It strengthens individuals and families, and it holds its people accountable according to the word of God. It is also a change agent in society declaring and living the righteousness of God before a lost world. When it functions right, it becomes the vehicle for God’s Kingdom to come on the earth as it is in heaven. …